Partners presentation

The consortium of TWB consists of 46 private and public partners on 1 January 2018:

The three institutional bodies of TWB: INRA, INSA et CNRS

One higher school: ESES de l‘ICT

Three regional and local authorities: Toulouse Métropole, La Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Sicoval

Two competitiveness clusters: Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, IAR

Three tech transfer structures: Bioaster, INRA Transfert, Toulouse Tech Transfer

Four investors: Auriga Partners, Bpifrance, IRDInov, Sofinnova

Thirteen very small companies: Bgene, Carbios, CIMV, EnobraQ, Global Bioenergies, Heurisko, Innoval Sud-Ouest, MicroPep Technologies, Millidrop, Naturamole, Pili, Processium, Syngulon

Eight small and medium companies: AB7, Agronutrition, ARD, Deinove, Helioscience, IPSB, METabolic EXplorer, Protéus,

One mid-cap company: IFPEN

Eight large companies: Adisseo, Braskem, L’Oréal, MichelinRoquette, Servier, Solvay, Total