Speed up the development of your proprietary innovation in a unique technological environment.






Ten start-ups / enterprise hosted

Facilitate the development of your innovation from MRL* 0 to 6

Using our technological continuum from the lab bench/vial to pre-industrial pilot stage

TWB state-of-the-art platforms

A strain engineering platform for projects in synthetic biology and genetic engineering of microorganisms

  • Automation of operations for the isolation of microorganisms (exploration of ecosystems and consortia), screening and generation of synthetic bio-bricks
  • Use of high throughput and / or parallel tools to generate up to 1 000 strains per week


* Manufacturing Readiness Level

A bioprocess platform with three services: fermentation, analytics and cytometry for the optimization and design of multi-scale microbial culture processes

  • Acceleration of process optimisation based on a medium/high throughput approach
  • Post-culture processing at laboratory scale
  • Up to 300L bioreactor volume for batch production and scale-up studies

Partnerships with Toulouse Biotechnology Institute (TBI) & CRITT Bio-Industries

TBI (Toulouse Biotechnology Institute - Bio & Chemical Engineering), a public research laboratory combining basic and applied research, conducts research activities in catalysis and enzyme engineering, systems and synthetic biology, fermentation, process engineering and eco-design.

300 staff | 60 PhD | 110 publications / year ­

CRITT Bio-Industries, experienced and qualified in research and innovation, is specialized in bioprocesses on a pre-industrial scale. It has a comprehensive technology centre, covering pre-processing, fermentation up to 300 litres, bio-separation and purification, solid fermentation.


CRITT Bio-Industries + TBI + TWB = 15,000 m2 dedicated to industrial biotechnology forming a unique complex in Europe

Packaged services negotiated with start-ups

iMEAN delivers a technology that can produce very high-quality mathematical representations of living organisms.

Processium offers technical and economic studies to verify the viability of a project before its development.

Syngulon develops original genetic technologies to increase the efficiency of microorganisms used in industrial biotechnology.

Develop your proprietary innovation

Through collaborative R&D projects run with TWB

TWB identifies your needs, mobilises its teams of experts as well as scientists from the best public laboratories, and provides you with cutting-edge technological facilities for carrying out your R&D projects. Start-ups retain ownership of the outcome and benefit from exclusive, worldwide user rights.

Limit your outlays

By reducing your investment expenses (CAPEX)

By accessing platforms equipped with cutting-edge technology, start-ups can defer their initial investments in technological equipment that's vital for their development, and optimise their cash flow.

Start-ups based at TWB also benefit from shared laboratories and other facilities (meeting rooms, cafeteria and more), as well as private offices and laboratory.

By taking advantage of financial benefits

R&D projects led by TWB are eligible for the CIR (R&D tax credit) and CICo (collaborative R&D tax credit), both measures that allow start-ups to recoup up to 50% of their R&D expenses.

Access to French investment networks: venture capital funds (Elaia, IRDI Capital Investissement & Sofinnova Partners) and public financers: Bpifrance, ADEME (French agency for the environment and energy management), ANR (French National Research Agency), etc.

By accessing investment funds, including Sofinnova Partners

Sofinnova Industrial Biotech II fund invest in young startups in the field of biotechnology to develop sustainable solutions in food, agriculture, chemistry and materials.

Facilitate your day-to-day activities

By taking advantage of administrative, scientific and business support

Start-ups based on TWB premises get scientific and technological guidance, administrative and logistical support, scientific and market entry advice, strategic and financial advice, and networking with TWB ecosystem.

Through legal support

Start-ups could get training from legal experts on questions of intellectual property, ownership of the outcome, data protection and invention protection.

Through access to a network of key players local to Toulouse

Invest in Toulouse helps French and international start-ups to grow in Toulouse, with the help of a free, personalised, confidential assistant.

Toulouse Tech Transfer helps companies find cutting-edge technologies that have been developed in public research laboratories.

Nubbo's mission is to transform as many projects as possible into sustainable startups and job creators in the region.

Create the right conditions to enter the market

Challenge your innovation and economic model

Through the members of TWB consortium

The consortium, meeting twice a year and made up of 46 public and private members (31 companies including ten major international groups, four investment funds, three research development companies, nine public members including the three TWB supervisory bodies), governs TWB, choosing which directions to take. These meetings involve strategic presentations, discussions and the birth of new collaborative projects.

Through our partners’ incubation programmes

Open innovation processes with the option of financial and scientific guidance on the application aspects of
start-up projects.

This joint initiative aims to increase the quantity as well as the quality of proposed start-ups, with structured, professional support across the entire value chain, and to open up access to new sources of funding and new market opportunities.

Get yourself seen on an international scale

Thanks to "Start me up!"

Soon we’ll be hosting the seven edition of the event, with 200 international players from the industry coming together, from major industrial groups to investment funds. Two competitions: 1. For start-ups in the development phase, with a prize worth €50,000 in services on TWB’s technological platforms; 2. For entrepreneurs in the idea and start-up creation stage, with mentoring days to be won. Previous winners come from Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, France, the UK and Switzerland.