In the period 2012-2019, TWB contractualized 184 research and development projects and contracts signed with industrial partners reached a total of 38.9 million euros. Such figures are the proof of success and attractiveness of TWB business model and associated research teams.

R&D projects generated patents and many of them are under a valorisation process. By the end of 2019, 22 patent families had been filed.
In addition, in 2015, a public research project led to the creation of the start-up EnobraQ, which has since been hosted in TWB premises.

Concerning the start-up hosting activity, at the end of 2019, 6 companies are hosted at TWB premises (EnobraQ, PILI, MicroPep Technologies, Green Spot Technologies, iMEAN, BioC3).

The dymamics of TWB are linked to those of its consortium. Since 2012 (TWB creation), the number of partners has almost doubled. As per January 1st, 2021, TWB consortium records 53 private and public partners.