TWBTWB develops standard and customized service offers: technical and support services on TWB technical platforms, access to equipment, activity hosting and training.

Technical and support services

Different service offers are developed at TWB through the different technical platforms (cutting edge microbial strain engineering, biotransformation and culture, analytical) and support platforms (ethics and environmental evaluation).

Services are executed by high-level scientists using high technology and massively robotized equipment, within a mutidiplisciplinary environment to ensure a smooth continuum « gene to process ».

Eight services are offered:

  • High-throughput colony picking;
  • Plasmid and strain engineering;
  • Single cell characterization and high throughput screening of microbial cells by cytometry;
  • Rapid optimization of microbial and enzymatic bioprocess;
  • Scale-up of the microbial culture process;
  • Amino acid quantitative assay;
  • Determination of the average molar mass of polymers in solution;
  • Ethics and Society.

For any information:

Access to equipment

Within a specific contractual frame, companies can access TWB facilities and equipment. Agenda and operations framework are defined case by case.

Hosting teams and activities

R&D teams from industrial customers can be hosted temporarily by TWB, when resources are available. This offer is very well suited for start-up companies who have not yet fully implemented their resources. Large corporations can also benefit of this service to validate a new process and optimize their investments.

Professional training

Training sessions can be developed either inside TWB or at customers location. Depending on the needs, a training contract can be set via INSA Toulouse as academic partner.