Success stories

Development of a yeast strain capable of using CO2 as the sole carbon source to produce valuable molecules

  • Scientific and intellectual property contribution to the company’s creation, under the frame of a pre-competitive research project with TWB
  • Hosting of EnobraQ R&D staff
  • Scientific consulting

Denis Lucquin – Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners
“TWB is an amazing lever for developing the industrial biotechnology market. EnobraQ is the eighth investment from Sofinnova Partners in industrial biotechnology. With EnobraQ, … we are in a perfectly symbolic case of our intervention – enormous potential for a project that is still risky.”

New biological processes for plastic materials life cycle

  • Expertise in development and optimization of enzymatic processes
  • R&D in biotechnology subcontracted at TWB

Jean-Claude Lumaret – CEO, Carbios
After more than three years of collaboration with TWB, the concluded partnerships have clearly been the vectors of acceleration and innovation, delivering outstanding results.”

Development of the first industrial process for amoebae (biological biocides)

  • Know-how in fermentation and process scale-up
  • Reactivity and innovation

Fabrice Plasson – Président and co-founder, AMOEBA
One of the company’s major issues was to industrialize its production process. TWB’s expertise in association with AMOEBA’s R&D teams have made it possible to successfully knock down the technological barrier.”

Technical validation of an industrial process to produce clinical batches

  • Hosting Tolerys R&D team
  • Access to technical resources
  • Scientific management

Pierre-Marie Guyonvarc’h – CEO, Tolerys SA
“Collaboration with TWB has been instrumental with a key development phase of the company. We needed to unlock some technologies prior to mobilizing new funds and investing in our production facility equipment.”