Products & services

TWBThe challenge of TWB is to accelerate the development of a new product or process, since its laboratory design to industrial implementation.

TWB covers a wide range of activities, from biological engineering ( synthetic biology, enzyme and metabolic engineering) to process development on a pre-industrial pilot scale.

TWB offer includes:

  • the setting up and management of collaborative R&D projects;
  • the realization of service provision;
  • supporting start-ups.


Among the services provided, three service provisions are developed with innovative start-up members of the TWB consortium:

  • iMEAN delivers a technology that can produce very high-quality mathematical representations of living organisms. These can be used to generate predictions in terms of metabolic engineering and drastically reduce research time and costs by targeting the sticking points that are delaying scale-up.
  • Processium offers technical and economic studies to verify the viability of a project before its development. These studies aim to establish a purification process for a target molecule resulting from bioproduction and to estimate the production costs of a complete process.
  • Syngulon develops original genetic technologies to increase the efficiency of microorganisms used in industrial biotechnology. These technologies are based on synthetic biology, which revisits microbial genomes to make them more in line with industrial demands in terms of efficiency and environmental compatibility.

iMEAN press releaseProcessium and Syngulon press release

You wish to set up a research or development program in the field of industrial biotechnology; you need technical assistance; you wish use state-of-art technological equipment or you need a host and laboratory equipment as a start-up;

Whether you’re a company or a start-up, public research laboratory,
or a private or public player in bioeconomy.

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