In 2020, TWB was certified as an industrial integrator for biotherapeutics bioproduction, known as TIBH (Toulouse Industrial Biotechnology for Health), in collaboration with CRITT Bio-Industries (INSA Toulouse) and TBI (INSA/INRAE/CNRS), as part of the initiative Grand Défi « Biotherapeutics », led by Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement (SGPI). This certification was renewed in july 2022.

TIBH brings together technical competences (synthetic biology, metabolic and enzymatic engineering, fermentation and purification) and biological tools (microorganisms, enzymes) necessary for the production of protein, therapeutic antibodies and nucleic acids (vectors, mRNA). TIBH also offers state-of-the-art bioproduction equipments and a dual environment combining academia and industrials partners, that fosters innovation and start-up incubation.

TWB, as certified industrial integrator, is able to offer R&D project management expertise to healthcare companies and develop innovative projects for biotherapeutics production.

As of today, two projects involving TIBH were accepted and received founding:

  • PHAEOmAbs: the goal is to develop innovative approaches to increase monoclonal antibody production yield in microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum. The consortium for this project includes four partners: University of Rouen Normandie (project leader), TIBH, IFREMER and CEA Cadarache.

This project is part of the ANR Grand Défi Biomedicaments – New expression systems call for projects.

  • Magi@Line: In collaboration with the start-up MagIA Diagnostics, the project consists in developing a tool for real-time monitoring of bioprocesses such as therapeutic antibody production.

This project is part of the BPI Grand Défi Biomedicament call for projects – Improving yields and controlling production costs.

With the support of the Innovation and Industry Fund