There as two levels of governance:

  • The Joint Service Unit (UMS) TWB, under the triple administrative stewardship of INRAE/INSA/CNRS, is managed by its director of UMS and its founding director and organised into business and support services.
  • TWB is based on a private/public partners consortium that sets the guidelinesof the demonstrator through its Strategic Steering Committee.

At the consortium level

The strategic steering committee

TWB consortium is supervised by a Strategic Steering Committee (SSC). This committee is in charge, with a public and private parity, of defining the roadmap of TWB and selecting pre-competitive research projects. It is a source of proposals and reflection. It is chaired by Jean-Claude Lumaret (Carbios) and co-chaired by Monique Axelos (INRAE) and Nicolas Seeboth (Michelin). Two advisory committees support the SSC on the monitoring of research projects: the scientific advisory board and the ethics & sustainable development committee.

The scientific advisory board 

It consists of 8 members who annually examine the different research projects (non industrial) led by TWB and advise on quality and scientific relevance:

  • Uwe T. BORNSCHEUER – Professor University of Greifswald – Germany
  • Rajni HATTI-KAUL – Professor University of Lund, Sweden
  • Bruno JARRY – President of the French Academy of Technology, France
  • Jay KEASLING – Professor University of Berkeley, USA – Director of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Emeryville
  • Akihiko KONDO – Professor University of Kobe, Japan – Head « Innovative Biotechnology Kobe (iBioK) »
  • Merja PENTTILÄ – Professor Biotechnology Bioproducts, Finland – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • John WOODLEY – Professor DTU Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Huimin ZHAO – Centennial Chair Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

The ethics & sustainable development committee

It consists of 8 members who are solicited on any matter concerning the ethical, social and environmental pre-competitive research projects (non-industrial):

  • Bernard BAERSCHI – Professor, Geneva University, Switzerland
  • Bernadette BENSAUDE-VINCENT– Professor, Paris Ouest University, France
  • Alain BOUDET – Emeritus Professor, Toulouse University, France
  • Anne CAMBON-THOMSEN – Research Director CNRS, Génopole, Toulouse, France
  • Alain KAUFMAN – Director « Interface Sciences-Society », Lausanne University, Switzerland
  • Thierry MAGNIN – Rector, Université Catholique de Lyon, France
  • François MONNET – Advanced Technologies Director, Solvay, France
  • Nathalie NASR – Lecturer & Hospital practitioner, Toulouse Hospital, France

At the TWB level

The TWB team consists of:

  • a core team ensuring direction, administration and management of the technical facilities of the demonstrator
  • and a group of researchers (mostly post-doctoral) and technical staff who are recruited on TWB R&D projects.

The executive committee

The executive committee is the strategic and managerial instance of TWB. It is directly linked to the strategic steering committee of the consortium.

It is composed of:
Olivier ROLLAND – Managing director
Jean-Luc BLANC – Joint service unit director & Director of finances and administration
Olivier GALY – Operations and projects, director
Laurie REY – Business, director
Fayza DABOUSSI – Director, Life Sciences
Véronique PAQUET – Communication & public affairs, director

The executive committee takes advice from the extended executive committee where managers from TWB technical platforms, business development, HR, purchase and quality are represented.