There as two levels of governance:

  • The Joint Service Unit (UMS) TWB, under the triple administrative stewardship of INRAE/INSA/CNRS, is managed by its director of UMS and its Executive director and organised into 5 divisions, business and support services.
  • TWB is based on a private/public members consortium that sets the guidelines through its Strategic Steering Committee.

At the TWB level

TWB staff include :

  • permanent staff (management, technology platforms, business and support positions);
  • project staff;
  • hosted start-up staff.

Permanent staff are provided by the TWB funding supervisory bodies, notably by INRAE.
126 people (including 42 hosted start-ups staff) have been working at TWB at the end of 2021.

The executive committee

The executive committee is the strategic and managerial instance of TWB. It is composed of:

Fabrice GARRIGUE – Managing Director
Karine VERCRUYSSE MOREIRA – Director UMS & Director of the division Administration & Finance
Olivier GALY – Director of the division Operations & Technology
Fabrice GARRIGUE – Director of the division Business, Partnerships & Communication
Fayza DABOUSSI – Director of the division Exploratory Research & Innovation
Cyril DARTIGUELONGUE – Director of the division Project Management Office

The executive committee takes advice from the extended executive committee where managers from TWB technical platforms, business development, HR, purchase and quality are represented.

At the consortium level

The strategic steering committee

TWB consortium is supervised by a Strategic Steering Committee (SSC). This committee is in charge, with a public and private parity, of defining the roadmap of TWB and selecting public research projects. It is a source of proposals and reflection.

The COS is chaired by Monique Axelos (Scientific Director, Food & Bioeconomy, INRAE) and Jérémie Blache (C.E.O, PILI) is Vice-Chairman.

Two advisory committees support the SSC on the monitoring of research projects: the scientific advisory board and the ethics & sustainable development committee.

The scientific advisory board 

Chaired by Professor Uwe T. Bornscheuer (University of Greifswald), members annually examine the different research projects (non industrial) led by TWB and advise on quality and scientific relevance:

  • Uwe T. BORNSCHEUER – Professor University of Greifswald – Germany
  • Rajni HATTI-KAUL – Professor University of Lund, Sweden
  • Zhao HUIMIN – Professor University of Illinois, USA
  • Bruno JARRY – Honorary Chairman of the French Academy of Technology, France
  • Merja PENTTILÄ – Professor Biotechnology Bioproducts, Finland – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

The ethics & sustainable development committee

Chaired by Thierry Magnin, President Rector Delegate for Humanities (Université Catholique de Lille), it consists of 7 members who are solicited on matter concerning the ethical, social and environmental public research projects:

  • Bernard BAERSCHI – Professor, Geneva University, Switzerland
  • Bernadette BENSAUDE-VINCENT– Professor, Paris Ouest University, France
  • Alain-Michel BOUDET – Emeritus Professor, Toulouse University, France
  • Alain KAUFMAN – Director « Interface Sciences-Society », Lausanne University, Switzerland
  • Thierry MAGNIN – President Rector Delegate, Université Catholique de Lille, France
  • François MONNET – Advanced Technologies Director, Solvay, France
  • Nathalie NASR – Lecturer & Hospital practitioner, Toulouse Hospital, France