Technical resources

TWB believes in combining scientific excellence and state-of-the-art methodologies to create the “missing link” in the innovation process.

TWB hosts a device based on an integrated system of five technical platforms equipped with leading edge materials to ensure a continuum between technological research and industrial development. Environmental and ethical issues of R&D projects are a key concern for TWB, so two support platforms on these themescomplete the device.

The platforms are available to researchers and technical staff involved in TWB R&D projects. Services are also offered on these platforms.

Cutting edge microbial strain engineering platform

Consisting of a robot fleet and high throughput equipment to automate a number of key steps, the platform is dedicated to projects involving genetic and metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.

Analytical platform

The analytical platform is used to perform most routine tests, to ensure separation and characterization of different biomolecules, and offers access to special advanced techniques (mass-spectrometry, NMR) through collaborations.

Bioinformatics platform

The platform provides software solutions for acquiring, storing, managing and processing data, particularly in terms of analysis of genetic sequences.

Ethics platform

In collaboration with the “Ecole Supérieure d’Ethique des Sciences” of the “Institut Catholique” of Toulouse, the ethics platform initiates, with the research project managers, an ethical and societal reflection on potential impact of the applications developed.

Biotransformation and culture process platform

With a set of bioreactors from 50mL to 300L, this platform is designed to analyze and optimize the conversion of carbon-based raw materials using enzymatic and microbial processes (pure strains or consortia).

Unitary operation platform

This platform provides solutions for processing and standardizing operations both upstream (pre-treatment of raw materials) and downstream (purification, formulation, etc.) of the bioprocesses developed, to facilitate their industrial integration.

Environmental evaluation platform

The environmental evaluation platform is dedicated to analysis of carbon footprint, energy flows and of the lifecycle of products and processes carried out by TWB.