TWBTWB (Toulouse White Biotechnology) is a pre-industrial demonstrator in the field of industrial biotechnology, also known as white biotechnology. TWB mission is to help develop the bioeconomy based on the use of renewable carbon.

TWB is structured around a Joint Service Unit (UMS) under the triple tutelage of INRAE, INSA and CNRS (INRAE UMS 1337, CNRS UAR 3582).

TWB has three key objectives

  • Respond to climate challenges and issues;
  • Facilitate synergies between public research and industry  in the field of industrial biotechnology;
  • Create economic value.

How? By encouraging the development of new methods of sustainable production through the use of innovative biological tools (enzymes, microorganisms) and competitive processes.

TWB carries out R&D projects

Different types of collaborative research and development projects are proposed, in connection with researchers from the top public laboratories. TWB combines a creative approach and an ethical and sustainable development strategy to carry out its projects.

TWB supports start-ups

From the moment they are created and to accelerate their launch and development, TWB supports startups by hosting them and providing workspace and a range of services (strategic and financial advice, scientific and technological support, provision of state-of-the-art equipment, administrative support and networking).

TWB embraces an original concept

An private/public consortium guarantees the management of TWB. Private and public members share socio-economic objectives and work together to guide and speed up TWB projects. A consortium agreement simplifies contract negotiations making it possible to set up collaborative projects rapidly.