In 2016, TWB enhanced the achievements of its first five years of existence and laid the foundation for a reflection on the evolution of its structure.

TWB activity report 2016With 89 collaborators and 45 private and public partners in the consortium at the end of 2016, TWB continues to grow steadily.
The 2016 activities produced a turn-over growth of 10% (€9.5M turnover).

TWB attractiveness has been confirmed: 7 new industrial partners joined the consortium in 2016. Several international collaborations were also developed.

46 projects (R&D and services) – including 15 new projects – were active in 2016, which is a significant activity.

Value generation in TWB’s collaborative ecosystem has been developed: the technological support to young companies has allowed them to raise funds or to create subsidiaries.

The equipment investment of the technical platforms continued especially concerning the automated strain engineering station (molecular biology robot).

Lastly, TWB increased communication initiatives in 2016 (press releases, conferences, academic courses,…).
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And you could find industrial testimonials in the activity report below: