And the winner is TempEasy!

TWB rewarded the start-up TempEasy, in the frame of the event ‘TWB START-UP DAY – From Biosciences to Bioproduction’ held in Toulouse – France, on 12 February, 2019.

At each event, TWB organises a competition in which all European biotech start-ups of 5 years or more, offering differentiating and innovative solutions, may participate.
This year the candidates were: EvologicTechnologies (AT), KaffeBueno (DK), Matrika (FR), MOGU (IT), TempEasy (UK). Facing a jury of experts (mainly composed of investors), the five start-ups made their pitch in 5 minutes.

O. Rolland (TWB) & C. Kong (TempEasy)

And the English start-up, TempEasy, won!

In offering their Vegan food products, which plug the gap of any possible protein and vitamin deficiencies, this start-up is fighting malnutrition. A true meat alternative, their innovation uses tempeh; a traditional product originating from Indonesia which is the result of a fermentation process; to produce food products with an exceptionally rich nutritional value.

As the overall winner of the competition, TempEasy will benefit from 4 months of services of the technological platforms of TWB, plus scientific and business support for their project. These services will allow TempEasy to optimise the fermentation process and also, as a result, some of the characteristics of their products that have already been marketed.