Aviwell, new start-up hosted by TWB

The start-up Aviwell, widely known for its disruptive scientific strategy as well as its biotechnology solution to produce “foie naturellement gras” (no force-feeding) and which is about to expand its focus to other farm animals, has moved into TWB new premises and joined its consortium.

The company plans to leverage its proprietary artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven microbiome Discovery Platform to dramatically improve animal growth and health in a natural, ethical and sustainable manner. Aviwell has chosen to join forces with TWB to achieve this ambitious goal and accelerate the development of its technology.

Aviwell: nourishing the planet with sustainable natural microbiota-based solutions. At a fraction of the cost.

There are now nearly eight billion people on the planet for whom necessary food resources grow scarcer and more expensive daily. Aviwell has developed a unique disruptive scientific approach and a multifaceted AI-driven Microbiome Discovery Platform that can discover and develop healthy, natural solutions that orient and improve animal growth such that the agri-food industry can more sustainably feed the planet. And using its novel processes, Aviwell can commercialize its solutions at a fraction of today’s costs. Aviwell uses proprietary data processing tools and algorithms to identify and naturally adapt intestinal microbiota to control the growth of farm animals in response to market requirements.

As Mouli Ramani, CEO of Aviwell, explained: “We have already successfully tested our patented processes on geese to produce “foie naturellement gras” without resorting to force-feeding. We now want to move things up a gear and apply the insights from our Microbiome Discovery Platform to other species such as chickens and pigs, which we eat on a far larger scale than foie gras.

TWB: helping Aviwell achieve great things

With its cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise, TWB provides access to the key equipment, facilities and resources that Aviwell needs to succeed.

As a scientist, I couldn’t have hoped for a better microbiota isolation and identification platform than that provided by TWB,” said Rémy Burcelin, Principal Founder Aviwell. “TWB allows us to fully develop our disruptive scientific strategy, the production scale-up capacities and the support from the on-site teams and the vicinity of other talented and highly motivated biotechs are also invaluable. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the TWB team.

This infrastructure and expertise culminate in a bona fide skills alliance, explained Laurie Rey, Business & Partnerships Director at TWB: “Aviwell’s ambition is in step with our 2020-2025 road map, the aim of which is to support and encourage high-stakes markets. Here, we’re looking at the food and agriculture sector—a market where industrial biotechnologies can deliver competitive, eco-friendly solutions.”

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