Braskem & TWB collaboration

TWB has signed a contract with Braskem, the giant Brazilian manufacturer n°1 in biosourced plastic. The collaboration focuses on Research & Development for new renewable solutions.

Based in São Paulo, Braskem is the world’s leading biopolymer producer. Engaged in the green revolution, the company is a pioneer in the production of polyethylene (plastic) produced biologically using biomass resulting from the cultivation of sugar cane, a crop with a strong presence in Brazil.
Braskem belongs to the TWB consortium.

The objective of this 3 years contract with TWB is to develop new biosourced chemical molecules. The different types of sugars resulting from sugar cane and its residual products will be studied in order to increase industrial production yields. Braskem has chosen to entrust this project, under the guidance of TWB, to a team of researchers at TBI (Toulouse Biotechnology Institute – University of Toulouse) well known for their work in this field. In fact, this project will validate a patent which resulted from research financed by TWB and carried out by said team under the direction of Professor Jean-Marie François. In total, up to 9 researchers will be devoted to this new project.

“TWB is one of the world’s leading research centers in industrial biotechnology. We joined the consortium and now are expanding this collaboration to projects that reinforce our vision of using chemistry and renewable materials as tools for carbon sequestration”, explain Mateus Schreiner Garcez Lopes, Director of Innovation in Renewable Technologies at Braskem.

The partnership with TWB is aligned with Braskem’s commitment to promoting sustainability in the plastics chain.

More information: Press release