Call for TWB precompetitive projects

TWB launches its 13th call for precompetitive projects! Precompetitive projects are projects whose primary goal is to initiate and mature risky multidisciplinary research projects in order to develop disruptive technological building blocks with strong application potential.

This annual call for projects is open to all national academic research teams from INRAE, CNRS or INSA Toulouse research units (in possible collaboration with other national or international academic laboratories). However, if laboratories outside the INRAE, CNRS or INSA Toulouse research units wish to submit a project, please contact TWB to check their possible eligibility.

Selection in two steps

Step 1: Submit a letter of intent in English by June 11, 2023 at midnight.
The model of the letter of intent (one A4 page max, Calibri 11 font, single-spaced) can be downloaded via this LINK.
Deposit at the following address

Step 2: Submission of the final application file (Proposal + Financial Annex)
The project leaders selected at the end of step 1 must submit their complete application before September 24, 2023 at midnight.

-> Download the rules of the call for projects.

Themes of the call for projects

The call for projects adopts a hybrid configuration: it is possible to respond in an open way (free theme) or to target one of the 3 following themes:

  • Monitoring and controlling bioprocesses using biological, chemical and/or physical approaches (e.g. biosensors, optogenetics, process analytical technology – PAT…);
  • Recovering and making available carbon embedded in products and wastes in the context of circular bioeconomy using biology (e.g. biological approach to break carbon-carbon bonds, carbon-heteroatoms bonds…);
  • Developing biotechnology-based solutions to better feed mankind (e.g. sustainable agriculture: biocontrol solutions, nutrition and well-being: innovative ingredients…).