Cosmetics industry & Biotechnology

An international symposium* on biotechnology innovation for the cosmetics industry was held in Toulouse (France) on 22 June 2017, in the framework of the European project SUPERBIO** and with the support of TWB.

More than 100 international people, including 10 actors in the Occitania Region (Clariant, Deinove, EnobraQ, Lallemand, Libragen, Micropep, Pili, Proteus, Seppic, Syntivia) attended 14 presentations.

After a morning devoted to the conferences delivered by representatives of the SUPERBIO project and biotechnology researchers from LISBP (Laboratory of Systems and Biological Systems Engineering, INSA-Toulouse), representatives of 8 companies from 4 countries (Spain, France, USA and Switzerland) presented their projects in the cosmetics industry.
The interest of this day was to bring together large groups as well as SMEs: GIVAUDAN, AMYRIS, EVOLVA, BASM Blue International, SEPPPIC, DEINOVE, FC Development, NEWEAVER.

The main issues and challenges of this industry were unanimously raised, including the search for bio-sourced compounds and molecules produced by environmentally friendly technologies. Recent advances in biotechnology respond perfectly to these expectations, and examples of industrial achievements have been exposed.

  • Thus, GIVAUDAN presented its process of fermentation of bio-sourced compounds to produce hyaluronic acid (an active principle widely used for its benefits in particular in maintaining skin hydration).(see video)
  • Another example presented by the DEINOVE company with the carotenoids. These compounds, whose global market is estimated at $ 1.4 billion, are used by the cosmetics industry for their antioxidant properties and are mainly produced chemically. DEINOVE now offers a natural alternative, developing carotenoids derived from the fermentation of a bacterium and from bio-sourced compounds. (see video)

To conclude, one could say that the future of cosmetics will go through biotechnology!

* « Bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry: from synthetic biology to biocatalysis »
** About SUPERBIO:
TWB is one of the partner clusters of the European project H2020 SuperBIO, which is aimed at creating new value chains in bioeconomy.
In this context, TWB offers its expertise and its network of industrial partners to prepare application forms.