IBISBA 1.0: TNA 5 Call

TNA (TransNational Access) 5th Call of IBISBA 1.0 is currently open until 30 April 2021. This call for projects offers the possibility for transnational project owners to get free-of-charge access to the IBISBA operator platforms (not belonging to their country of origin) and also to benefit from support for the realisation of part of their research project.

The TNA fifth call comes with some new options, including the exploration of the full DBTL-P (Design, Build, Test, Learn, Process) cycle in a single project. This option makes the fifth call the largest investment IBISBA 1.0 has made to date for a single TNA project.

TWB has carried out more than 215 R&D projects since 2012 thanks to excellent scientific and technological support. As an IBISBA operator and based on its experience, TWB offers access to different services on its two platforms: automated microbial strain design, construction, screening and/or evolution on the Strain Engineering platform & fermentation, bioprocess optimisation and analytical on the Bioprocesses platform.

Who can apply?

Researchers, startuppers, SMEs and also large companies located in EU Member States, associated countries and third countries, engaged in the conception or creation of new knowledge, products, processes, methods and systems, and also in the management of projects.

How to apply?

Project leaders can apply until 30 April 2021 (5 pm – Brussels Time) via the IBISBA website. Please note that the applications will be reviewed and selected by an independent jury to evaluate the scientific content and relevance of the applications.

IBISBA Reminder

IBISBA 1.0, launched in 2017, is a European consortium with the objective to promote and accelerate the development of industrial biotechnologies. It brings together several European platforms (14 infrastructures from 9 European countries) covering the entire research process from the design phases to production. IBISBA coordinates the action of these platforms in order to remove the biological and technological bottlenecks encountered in industrial processes development. IBISBA 1.0 has received a global grant of €5 million from the European Commission, of which €1.4 million has been allocated to the TNA calls for tender.

More information: https://www.ibisba.eu/TNA-5
Contact TWB: twb-tna5@inrae.fr