Integrated Offerings

TWB is strengthening its service offering in partnership with two innovative start-ups of its consortium, ALTAR and iMEAN, in order to better meet the needs of its partners.


TWB has launched two new service offerings developed in partnership with innovative start-ups in its consortium : 

With the start-up ALTAR, the offer aims to adapt microorganisms to the requirements of industrial companies, by natural selection. This powerful, fully automated tool, can be used to conduct experiments via continuous culture to provide reliable, replicable solutions on an industrial scale.

“The partnership with TWB came together quickly and naturally as our solution complements the services already proposed on its platform. In market terms, our technology responds to the growing need of industrial companies to enhance microorganisms without creating GMOs. For us, this integrated offering gives us the opportunity to work on projects we could not otherwise have accessed directly,” said Simon Trancart, CEO of ALTAR.

Concerning iMEAN, the integrated offering is based on a program capable to rationalize the engineering of strains in industrial biotechnologies. TWB asks iMEAN to model living organisms and design synthetic organisms (Design). TWB produces the desired organisms via its technology platform (Build) and tests them under laboratory conditions (Test). Further to these experiments, iMEAN can use the data generated to understand the sticking points within the cells and resolve them (Learn).

Our partnership with TWB gives us access to a flourishing ecosystem and the opportunity to take part in projects developed by TWB while contributing high added value. The synergy between our expertise is a real asset as it enables us to model, design and test sophisticated industrial organisms on one single platform, and therefore streamline experiments and reduce costs,” said Rémi Peyraud, CEO of iMEAN.

TWB is keen to continue deploying integrated offerings in the coming years to keep improving its services and propose a complementary offering that meets the requirements of its clients. TWB is always on the lookout for innovative companies with which to form partnerships. 

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