TWB & AURIGA Partners support company formation

TWB and AURIGA IV Bioseeds, a professional investment capital fund, are initiating a partnership to ensure a prosperous future for TWB’s research projects and the companies resulting from them.

The aim is to reinforce, through the investments of the AURIGA IV Bioseeds fund, the support provided to TWB’s innovative research projects, to ensure their sustainability and to optimize their valorization, in particular through company formation.

auriga-bioseedsAURIGA IV Bioseeds aims to contribute to the creation of spin-off companies from academic research of excellence in the fields of infectiology and microbiology in France. It is worth more than 40 million euros, which will make it possible to invest in more than fifteen young high-tech companies and enable them to reach the industrial proof stage.

AURIGA IV Bioseeds relies on various institutional and industrial partners. With its expertise in industrial biotechnology, TWB reinforces in particular that of the Pasteur Institute and of the Technology Research Institute Bioaster. These partnerships enable AURIGA Partners to interact with pools of very promising innovative projects with high development potential, like that of TWB.

AURIGA Partners, a member of the TWB consortium, has furthermore already invested with AURIGA IV Bioseeds in EnobraQ, the first company created based on the results of a TWB research project, as well as in Amoeba, a company which has benefited from TWB’s expertise within the framework of an industrial cooperation contract.

The TWB and AURIGA IV Bioseeds partnership is in line with a strong commitment to contributing to the  bioeconomy development through the creation of start-ups and, consequently, of employment opportunities.

More information: Press release