TWB Award 2018 for Dust Biosolutions

TWB rewarded the start-up Dust Biosolutions, in the frame of the event “Hey, start me up! – Industrial biotech” held in Toulouse – France, on 13 February, 2018.

The Munich-based start-up Dust Biosolutions won the competition organised by TWB, called “Pitch me your biotech start-up!”.

Six European start-ups were candidates for this first edition:
Abolis Biotechnologies (FR), BlueGene Technologies (UK), Brathadair (UK), Dust BioSolutions (DE), Gene&Green TK (FR), InoFib (FR).

The award, worth €50,000, includes 4-months’ access to TWB technology platform services, together with scientific and business planning support.

Dust Biosolutions uses a fine-coating procedure with soil micro-organisms to control dust emission, stabilise sloping land and also offers new solutions to replace oil-based chemical binding agents, in numerous industrial applications. In concrete terms, the start-up company turns dust into stone!

Pierre Monsan (TWB) & Martin Spitznagel (Dust BioSolutions)