TWB hosts MicroPep Technologies

The start-up “MicroPep Technologies” joins Toulouse White Biotechnology to accelerate the development of biostimulants and natural herbicides.

Since its creation, TWB have hosted 4 start-ups.
Today, 3 start-ups share the premises with TWB: EnobraQ, PILI and MicroPep Technologies. TWB objective is to speed up the development of industrial biotechnology, by providing in particular support to the “nuggets” of tomorrow.

The hosted start-ups benefit from a structure with equipment at the cutting-edge of innovation and top-level experts who help them in developing their project in a very practical manner.

The TWB mechanism provides a significant assistance to the development of start-ups, particularly in the initial phase, to help them consolidate their technology and provide them with concrete opportunities with manufacturers.

MicroPep Technologies biostimulants

Testing of MicroPep Technologies biostimulants

Founded in 2016, laureate of the World Innovation Competition and committed to a sustainable agriculture, MicroPep Technologies develops biostimulants and natural herbicides to propose a real alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers most widely used in agriculture.
They use for that plant-produced molecules called ‘micro-peptides’. These natural micro-peptides can temporarily and moderately regulate gene expression in plants, producing a bio-stimulation, without DNA modification (non-GMO). It is therefore the original action which is modified and not the gene itself, which is a genuine revolution in the world of agriculture. For example, the research conducted by MicroPep will make it possible to identify maize-specific micropeptides which will stimulate germination without accelerating the other genes.

MicroPep intends to offer more scientifically credible natural solutions on the biostimulant and biocontrol markets, which are estimated at 1.6 and 3 billion euros, respectively, and growing by more than 10% per year.

More information: Press release