+ 5 new consortium members

TWB welcomed 5 new members during the meeting of its consortium on 25 March, 2021:  Aviwell, BioEB, Clarins, Dynveo and Lesaffre which joined TWB on January 2021.

Aviwell develops processes for identification and production of bacterial communities for farm animals. Currently, the start-up produces naturally fatty goose liver without force-feeding, with guaranteed taste and ethical values from the research centre to the farm and to the consumer.

BioEB has developed the Leebio™ chemical process that is able to separate the 3 main constituents of lignocellulosic biomass under favourable environmental and energy conditions. This technology allows green hydrogen production from cellulose.

Clarins designs, manufactures and markets high-end cosmetic products, based on natural plants and raw materials. Though 90% of its products are exported, Clarins formulates and manufactures them at Clarins Laboratories in France. Clarins commits to “responsible beauty”.

Dynveo is a nutraceutical laboratory that produces pure food supplements, without excipients or additives, at the best concentration in active ingredients. The start-up has chosen sustainability for its growth.

For more than a century, Lesaffre has been a major world player in fermentation of micro-organisms (yeasts, bacteria) for bread making, taste and food pleasure, nutrition / health and industrial biotechnology.


The consortium is now composed of 53 private and public partners (9 large companies, 2 mid-cap company, 5 small and medium companies, 21 very small companies, 4 investors, 3 valorisation structures, 9 public partners). The companies operate in different fields: Agro-industries / Chemicals (materials and products) / Equipment / Biotechnology solutions / Flavours, Fragances and Cosmetics / Energy and Pharmaceuticals.