7 new industrial partners for TWB

For the meeting of the Strategic Steering Committee on February 3 & 4, 2016, TWB welcomed the 7 new industrial partners of its consortium. These members noticed that TWB moved into a new phase of achievements when presenting the 2015 results.

Seven new industrial partners joined the TWB consortium as of 1st January 2016, bringing to 45 the number of consortium partners: ARD, EnobraQ, Hélioscience, Innoval Sud-Ouest, IPSB, PILI, Processium.

The commitment of the new partners in TWB consortium demonstrates their confidence in the structure having very satisfactory results for 2015 including:

  • a significant increase in the industrial contracts: 5.2 million euros of contracts signed in 2015, 16 new industrial projects
  • the creation of the company EnobraQ with Sofinnova Partners, resulting from a TWB research project: read press release.

Pierre Monsan, Founding Director of TWB, is pleased with these achievements which confirm the attractiveness and the effectiveness of TWB’s mode of operation.

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