TWB Activity report 2017

TWB impact in the innovation process in life science applications was confirmed in 2017.

With 85 collaborators at the end of 2017 and a turn-over of €8M, TWB has a stable growth.

TWB attractiveness has been confirmed: 8 new industrial partners joined the consortium in 2017, leading to a total number of 53 private and public partners in the consortium.

45 projects (R&D and services) – including 26 new projects – were active in 2017, which is a significant activity.

Two flagship projects have moved to the industrial pilot stage: SYNTHACs with the company ADISSEO and THANAPLAST with CARBIOS.

Value generation in TWB collaborative ecosystem has been developed: the technological support to young companies has allowed them to raise funds or to create subsidiaries.
In 2017, alongside the start-ups EnobraQ and PILI, two more burgeoning companies chose to locate themselves within TWB: Micropep Technologies and BFC (Biotech Fine Chemicals).

The equipment investment of the technical platforms continued especially concerning the fermentation platform with two additional reactors (5 & 20L) and the integration of Heurisko innovative technology for the natural selection of microorganisms.

Lastly, TWB increased communication initiatives in 2017 and organized international seminars and conferences including the “Enzyme Engineering Conference” in October 2017 in Toulouse.