Carbios strengthens its strategic partnership with TWB

Carbios, an innovative green chemistry company, develops its strategic and historical partnership with TWB. Significant progress has been made by the academic teams of TWB and LISBP involved in the THANAPLAST project. Within this context, CARBIOS wishes to strengthen its collaboration with TWB and the CRT/CRITT Bio-industries (INSA Toulouse, France) to accelerate the industrialization of the bioprocess.

The objective of the THANAPLAST project is to replace conventional chemical processes by biotechnological ones, to produce a new generation of biodegradable plastic with a programmed life cycle.

The CARBIOS and TWB/CRITT teams will work jointly at the Toulouse site to optimize the enzymatic processes. The sharing of expertise by the teams will allow for faster development in this phase of the project. At the conclusion of this pilot work, Carbios will be in a position to prove the effectiveness of its bioprocess at the industrial demonstration scale.

In 2012, a first partnership agreement was signed between Carbios and INRA (TWB). This partnership of €7M is part of the THANAPLAST consortium, a project that brings together 60 scientific researchers and that has a budget of €22 million over five years.

 Carbios is a member of the TWB consortium since 2012.

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