Collaboration with Heurisko

Two automated devices from the Heurisko company, allowing in vivo evolution of microbial populations, are installed on the Biotransformation and culture platform of TWB.

Following its integration within the TWB consortium in January 2017, Heurisko signed a contract with TWB in order to put its cutting-edge technology at the service of biotechnology R&D. 

Heurisko designs automated devices aimed at accelerating the development of new microbial strains. In concrete terms, the proprietary device, non-GMO labelled, relies on natural selection mechanisms by maintaining the growth and proliferation of microorganisms under controlled conditions.

The Heurisko equipment makes it possible to control and automatically adjust culture conditions, in order to direct evolution towards applications of interest. Moreover, the automation limits costs as well as the risk of culture contamination by the operator. The low volume of culture (<10 mL) decreases the amounts of medium to be prepared and makes possible the use of expensive constituents. The tool is compatible with yeasts, bacteria and microalgae, in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.
This technology can be applied to various application areas such as food, health or chemistry.

The innovative Heurisko technology perfectly complements TWB’s range of services. This system provides an original solution for improving the performance of culture processes, adapting non-GMO strains to the stresses of industrial conditions and increasing the robustness of newly engineered strains.
TWB intends to make this new equipment as accessible as possible, in the framework of a simple service (optimization of a strain of interest) or an integrated project for the development of non-GMO or – metabolically or genetically – engineered strains

The objective for Heurisko is twofold: to be at the heart of innovation in the field of biotechnology and to be in permanent contact with manufacturers, actively involved in this center.

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