CYTOMETRY services

Accessing to advanced cell sorting technologies (flow cytometry) is a key success factor in biotechnology projects, both for academic research and industrial development projects. Main benefits are:

  • Fast and accurate microorganisms numeration
  • Fast access to cells physiological status
  • Isolation of homogenous cell populations from heterogenous populations
  • Clones isolation (one cell per plate).

To answer the needs, TWB offers cytometry services and has invested in high-throughput equipment (cell sorter 5 lasers, cytometer anlayser, as well as a dedicated software for advanced data analysis) managed by a dedicated expert.

cytometry-TWBHere are examples of typical applications:

  • Direct count of microorganisms
  • Detection and count of viable, viable but non-cultivable, and dead microorganisms
  • Quantification of reporter genes
  • Characterization of physiological data: intracellular pH, oxidative stress, membrane fluidity, energy charge, membrane potential
  • Fine analysis of microbial catalysts for process improvement
  • Cell bank screening
  • Assessment of the populations in microbial consortia.

Each project is specific and adapted to your need :

feel free to contact us to evaluate together your topic.

Technical information: download the flyer
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