FFBiotech Symposium May 2017

TWB supports the FFBiotech Symposium « Innovative approaches in bioreactors design and operation: from single cell to industrial scale” to be held in Lille (University of Lille, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France) from 15 to 16 May 2017.

This Symposium, organized by the French Federation of Biotechnologies (FFBiotech) in collaboration with ESBES (European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences), will aim at presenting the most recent advances in all the different aspects of bioreactor technology that could contribute to either fundamental or practical progress in these topics:

Micro-bioreactor, Miniaturization and parallelization, Single cell analysis, Photo-bioreactor, Heterogeneous bioreactor, Bioreactor engineering, Bioreactor monitoring and modelization, Mass transfer, Scale-up/down, Biosensor, Process Analytical Technologies, Single use bioreactor, Alternative bioreactor design, Intensification, Computational fluid dynamics, Metabolic flux analysis, Population heterogeneity and robustness.

The symposium is organized in five thematic sessions:
1. Industrial problematics and perspectives
2. Heterogeneous bioreactors
3. Multiscale analysis
4. Scale-up / Scale-down and Screening
5. Bioreactors Engineering

Conference website: http://www.ffbiotech.fr/bioreactors2017
For further information, please contact: ffb-symposium2017@univ-lille1.fr