TWB has welcomed 5 new industrial partners during the meeting of its Strategic Steering Committee on 26 & 27 March, 2019:  BioC3, Green Spot Technologies, iMEAN, m2p-labs and Veg’Extra which joined the consortium on January.

BioC3 has developed a unique technique for the microbial synthesis of dihydroxyacetone phosphate (DHAP) and therefore of several molecules derived from it.


Green Spot Technologies specializes in the maximal conversion of fruit and vegetable by-products into high value-added food products, using fermentation technology.


iMEAN provides innovative tools for R&D program or academic research using digital organisms and AI algorithms.


m2p-labs is a supplier of microbioreactor systems focusing on microreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development.


Veg’Extra specializes in the production of extracts, done on a custom manufacturing basis (development, scale up, production).


The consortium is now composed of 50 private and public partners (8 large companies, 1 mid-cap company, 7 small and medium companies, 18 very small companies, 4 investors, 3 valorisation structures, 9 public partners). The companies operate in different fields: Agro-industry / Chemicals (materials and products) / Equipment / Biotechnology solutions / Flavors and Cosmetics / Energy and Pharmacy.