Great success for TWB START-UP DAY

TWB brought together nearly 180 professionals from 10 countries, among which forty were start-ups, structures for biotechs innovation and promotion, industrialists and investors.

Held in Toulouse on February 12, 2019 at the Toulouse Business School (TBS), TWB START-UP DAY is set to become an international benchmark event for biotech start-ups.
The goal of this event was to promote synergy between those working towards an eco-responsible industry; start-ups, investment companies and large industrial companies, all of which are seeking innovative solutions in the field of industrial biotechnology.

20 international speakers followed one another throughout the day to illustrate 4 major themes for entrepreneurs: the search for financing, the drivers of innovation, the definition of the business model and reaching the market.

Also, the start-ups had the opportunity to hear the feedback of Joel Cherry, R&D President of the American start-up Amyris, a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology.


Two networking sessions were also provided. They were great opportunities to network with industrialists and investors, who themselves had identified the event as a real opportunity to prospect for the nuggets of talent of tomorrow.

Not to mention the pitch of 5 European start-ups pre-selected for the TWB 2019 Award!….

At the end of this event, the three factors necessary for the success of a biotech start-up are as follows: to have a clear and comprehensive knowledge of the target market, to maintain an open mind and to build on the teams.

In addition to solid support provided by the ‘Attractiveness Agency of Toulouse Métropole’, the event was also sponsored by the Haute-Garonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toulouse Business School, Syngulon, Cabinet Plasseraud and ARD.

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