IBISBA Workshop: 25th June 2015

IBISBA is a European research infrastructure for industrial biotechnology. It aims to bridge a gap by constructing a continuum between academic research and industry, by translating industrial and socioeconomic constraints into scientific and technical questions that can integrated into early stage biocatalyst design and bioprocess development. It is expected that IBISBA will provide a major contribution to industrial biotechnology accelerating the translation of knowledge into industrially-useful processes. The development of industrial biotechnology is a key element of the European Commission’s strategy to reinforce the bioeconomy.

The IBISBA workshop (25th June 2015 – Brussels) will bring together a knowledgeable group of representives from academia and industry to fine tune a proposal for a pan European research infrastructure for industrial biotechnology. Working on a white paper that will be supplied upon registration, the group will be expected to express critical opinions, pinpoint the key challenges and identify ways to surmount foreseeable hurdles.

Attendance at the workshop is free of charge, but the number of places limited. For this reason and for logistics purposes, registration is mandatory. To register, before the 10th June 2015, simply send an e-mail to Michael O’Donohue – INRA / LISBP: michael.odonohue@insa-toulouse.fr

TWB is a partner of the IBISBA project.