Lantana Bio joins TWB

TWB is hosting a new start-up:  Lantana Bio. The start-up also joined the TWB consortium in July, bringing the total number of its members to 54.

Lantana Bio is an early stage, white biotech company based in the south of Alsace, France. Today, it has chosen to relocate all of its R&D activities to TWB in order to benefit in particular from its technological infrastructures and scientific support. Lantana Bio was founded in 2019 on the basis of a broad scientific, technological and commercial experience and deploys a proprietary technology thanks to its in-depth understanding of its sector of activity and its know-how in industrial biotechnologies.

Lantana Bio is developing bioprocesses for the production of bioactive plant compounds (flavonoids, anthocyanins and other polyphenols) used as functional ingredients and food supplements, in particular for their health benefits and as natural food colorings. Lantana BIO’s technology, based on the engineering of microbial strains, allows the industrial production of these highly sought-after compounds for the food and health sector.

The TWB consortium today consists of 54 private and public members (9 GE, 2 ETI, 5 SMEs, 22 VSEs, 7 investment funds and development structures, 9 public members including the 3 TWB supervisors: INRAE, INSA and CNRS) which operate in various sectors: Agro-industry / Chemistry (materials and products) / Equipment / Biotechnology solutions / Aromas, perfumes and cosmetology / Energy and Pharmacy.