New integrated offers with processium and syngulon

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TWB expands its range of services by joining forces with Processium and Syngulon. With these two new integrated offers, TWB optimizes the support of projects led by hosted startups and those led in partnership with actors of the industry. The technical and economic studies carried out by Processium allow to validate the viability of a project each step of the way. From the R&D phase to the production stage, Syngulon’s expertise allows to increase the efficiency of the microorganisms and ensure their compatibility with the industrial environment.

« After partnering with Altar and iMEAN in 2020, TWB continues to diversify its service offering with Processium and Syngulon. Their complementary expertise will accelerate the development of sustainable and innovative solutions and facilitate the development of bioprocesses, from the research stage to industrialization » said Olivier Rolland, Executive Director of TWB.

With Processium

Ensure the technical and industrial viability of a project before its development

Through its partnership with Processium, TWB offers technical and economic studies to verify the viability of a project before its development. These studies aim to establish a purification process for a target molecule resulting from bioproduction and to estimate the production costs of a complete process. They allow to detect the conditions of technical and economic viability on an industrial scale, to identify the parameters having the most impact on the production costs and to help in the decision making on the roadmap to follow for the development of the project. By intervening from the very beginning of a project, Processium allows to strategically articulate the R&D actions and to optimize the development time and costs.

With Syngulon

Optimize the efficiency of microorganisms used in industrial biotechnology

Syngulon is a Belgian startup with twelve employees based in Brussels, including nine PhDs. It develops original genetic technologies to increase the efficiency of microorganisms used in industrial biotechnology. These technologies are based on synthetic biology, which revisits microbial genomes to make them more in line with industrial demands in terms of efficiency and environmental compatibility. Having joined the TWB consortium in 2017, Syngulon has already had the opportunity to work with some of its members. This partnership with TWB is a continuation and a concretization of their collaboration.

The ambition of TWB is to continue to deploy new integrated offers in collaboration with innovative companies and reaffirms its position as the preferred partner for R&D projects in the field of biotechnology in France and in Europe. 

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