The BioImpulse project

TWB is partnering with the Michelin Group, through its ResiCare entity, in a major strategic project: BioImpulse. The aim of this project is to create a new adhesive resin without any of the so-called Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC). By developing a biosourced molecule of interest, BioImpulse will open up new biotechnology  applications in the materials field.

Coordinated by Michelin and its ResiCare brand, this collaborative project brings together major public and private players: Lesaffe through its Leaf business unit; FCBA technological institute; INSA in Toulouse through one of its technology transfer structures, the CRITT Bio-Industries; and INRA through its TBI and TWB units.

The main objectives of the BioImpulse project:
♦ create a new adhesive resin without SVHC compound with an improved impact on both health and the environment;
♦ develop an industrial scale fermentation production process of a molecule of interest at a lower cost than its oil-based equivalent;
♦ promote new adhesive resin technology in the automotive and construction markets (wood in particular);
♦ produce this resin in small, compact and decentralized plants, as close as possible to customers, reducing its complexity and implementation costs.

TWB is involved in two experimental tasks related to the development of organic production tools and acts as an interface between the group of public laboratories and the industrial partners of the BioImpulse project.

Experienced in the management of collaborative projects, TWB teams are dedicated to the development of alternative and sustainable biological solutions. BioImpulse is a new challenge in favour of the environment and health that TWB wishes to take up” explains Olivier Galy, TWB Project Director in charge of BioImpulse. 

As part of the BioImpulse project, it was decided to sponsor a young mixed sports team in catamaran, Manon Audinet and Quentin Delapierre. The team has just obtained its qualification to defend the colours of France at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. This duo uses natural resources (wind) and technology (foils) on board of their Nacra17 catamaran, while the men and women from the BioImpulse project team will exploit new technologies to develop French competitiveness. Common values and a taste for challenge have brought these two projects together.

The arrival of BioImpulse at our side in this Olympic project has contributed to our great progress. This emulation and all these messages of support have been a real motivating factor on a daily basis. Thank you to all the partners who follow us in this great adventure.” Manon Audinet, after her qualification at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Project duration: 6 years (2019 – 2025)
Total amount: €28.1 million
Construction of the 1st industrial production unit planned in 2026 (depending on the industrial context and the market at the time)

BioImpulse is supported by Ademe (Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie) under France’s Future Investment Program.

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