SuperBIO Workshop 2

As part of the European project H2020 SuperBIO, TWB is organizing an international workshop on 22 June 2017 in Toulouse (INSA), France, on the theme “Bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry: from synthetic biology to biocatalysis”.

Biotechnology in the cosmetic industry can be seen from two perspectives:

  • development of new cost-effective and environment friendly production processes, as alternatives to chemical processes. Moreover, combining synthetic biology with industrial fermentation technology is used to produce pure active compounds which were traditionally extracted from plant tissues.
  • creation of high performance compounds. For example, biocatalysis can be used to bring additional functionalities to cosmetics compounds.

The objective of the workshop is to bring together the various European players of the concerned field.
After two academic lectures, various industrial testimonials will be presented.
In open access, it is aimed at any structure (SME, Large group, public laboratory, etc.) seeking to cooperate in a value chain in relation to the theme of the workshop or more generally of bioeconomy. Any person wishing to learn more about the SuperBIO network is also invited to take part in this event.

Programme & Registration (compulsory, online):
Contact: Marie Tranier ( – Manager of the SuperBIO project for TWB


TWB is one of the partner clusters of the European project H2020 SuperBIO, which is aimed at creating new value chains in bioeconomy.

In this context, TWB offers its expertise and its network of industrial partners to prepare application forms.