This service has a host of “joint” central analytical tools, made available to research teams collaborating with TWB and to the unit’s other platforms, hence facilitating global project management.

This service meets all projects’ basic analytical needs. Managed by a dedicated research engineer, the analytical equipment centralizes routine analyses to separate and characterize different types of compound (lipids, sugars, small metabolites, polymers, etc.).

It includes chromatographic separation devices (liquid, ion, gas and size exclusion) and the possibility of coupling to a wide range of conventional and new-generation detectors (UV, infrared, amperometry, conductometry, charged aerosol detection, mass spectrometry, multi-angle light scattering, etc.).

Some devices can be used for high-performance and high-speed (UHPLC) analyses.

In addition to separation techniques, various characterization tools are also available: TOC analyzer (total organic carbon), rheometer, flow cytometry cell sorter and analyzer (FACS).

In addition, it offers access to cutting-edge analytical tools such as heavy mass spectrometry and NMR solutions (in collaboration with external support platforms and notably the MetaToul platform –

Services are also offered on this platform.

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