TWB & DEINOVE optimize Deinococcus production

DEINOVE and TWB undertake a collaborative R&D project to optimize the metabolic fluxes of Deinococcus. This partnership aims to strengthen DEINOVE’s unique expertise of Deinococcus metabolism and optimize the production of targeted compounds of interest.

The project, conducted in collaboration with the MetaToul platform (LISBP, INSA Toulouse – MetaboHUB national infrastructure) headed by Prof. Jean-Charles Portais, aims to map the metabolic fluxes of the Deinococcus bacteria i.e. to create an inventory of all the potentialities of the microorganism in the production of molecules of interest. This mapping will serve to identify and optimize all the metabolic pathways to rapidly reach the target yield and productivity of industrial processes developed by DEINOVE.

Identification of metabolic networks and flow analysis in Deinococcus will involve methods of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and MS (Mass Spectrometry) and isotopic labeling techniques.

“Based on both internal resources and MetaToul’s expertise, TWB was rapidly able to propose DEINOVE a comprehensive and ambitious collaborative project.  Everything is in place for the work to succeed on time and generate results that contribute to the success of DEINOVE’s industrial development,” said David GUERRAND, in charge of Industry Partnerships at TWB.

DEINOVE is TWB consortium partner since its inception (2012).