TWB partner of ECP

TWB supports the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) taking place in Frankfurt (Germany) on 23 February 2018.

ECPThe ECP is a very productive partnering event to bring chemistry innovators together: „The best chemically focussed startup event I have attended” one participant said. In 2018 over 500 decision makers are awaited, from the chemical industry and its user industries. Large companies and investors, small and medium-sized enterprises and young chemical start-ups meet and look for Innovation, Cooperation, Investment, Customers.

From the beginning the ECP is Europe´s leading Chemistry industry Partnering event. 204 partnering meetings between 140 participants from 15 nations was the result this year. Every participant can expect a great deal of high-caliber business contacts in One Day.

97 % of the products around us contain at least one chemical production step and it is all about values chains: Many technologies such as industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology or engineering and digitization complement chemistry. All together change our world of production and products.

This interdisciplinarity is what makes European Chemistry Partnering stand out. In the daily business it is not easy for everybody to find the right partners. Changing this and to make opportunities possible is the goal of the ECP.

Dr. Achim Roth from Mitsui & Co. Deutschland said: “The ECP partnering event is a comprehensive and dynamic platform for companies with a focus on innovation in the chemical industry, as well as an excellent opportunity to build new contacts and networks.”

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