TWB supports start-ups

The TWB mechanism provides assistance and a significant acceleration to start-up development, particularly in the initial phase. This was the conclusion of the press conference organized on 14 March 2017 in Toulouse by TWB, with testimonials of the two start-ups hosted into TWB premises.

P.Monsan&coll-TWBFrom left to right:
Pierre MONSAN – Founding Director TWB
Christophe DARDEL – CEO EnobraQ





In 2016, the two start-ups, Enobraq and Pili, moved into TWB premises.

ENOBRAQ, THE SUCCESS STORY CONTINUES – Created at the end of 2015 by Sofinnova Partners (member of TWB’s consortium) following a research project financed by TWB, EnobraQ finalized in April 2016 a €2.9 M first round of financing, with CEA Investissement and two partners of TWB consortium, Auriga Partners and IRDInov.
The start-up develops CO2-based industrial fermentation processes. Twenty people now work on this project at TWB.

ABOUT PILI PILI chose to move into TWB’s premises in order to benefit from its cutting-edge equipment and its scientific and technological skills.
The start-up, specialized in the bioproduction of ecological dyes, aims to reach the pilot scale of the industrial manufacturing process for its first blue dye. Three PILI researchers are working in a dedicated space in TWB premises.

There are other examples of successful collaboration with start-ups in 2016:

  • the Amoeba company, which collaborates with TWB since 2014, raised €15 M in 2016 and inaugurated its production site near Lyon;
  • the creation of Carbiolice, a joint-venture between the start-up Carbios and the Limagrain group, fruit of the results achieved as part of the flagship project Thanaplast in partnership with TWB.

Following this direction, TWB intends to pursue and increase in 2017 the accompaniment of start-ups which will be the nuggets of tomorrow by providing them with both technical platforms at the cutting edge of innovation and scientific and technological support by top level teams.

More information: read the press release