Cutting edge microbial strain engineering

This platform provides access to equipment and automated devices for projects involving genetic and metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.

The platform is equipped with several automated liquid transfer devices, to automate in microplate format a number of crucial steps in engineering projects involving strains of microorganisms, e.g. nucleic acid purification, cloning and transformation of micro-organisms, optimization of the expression of proteins through automated expression screening.

This fleet of automated equipment is rounded out with an automated colony picker and specific equipment dedicated to the high-throughput analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and microorganisms, e.g. capillary electrophoresis systems, spectrofluorometer, luminometer.

The platform can be used in its entirety or for independent steps. In connection with the biotransformation & culture platform, a global approach from gene to process is available, from the construction of strains to the selection of more efficient in culture and optimization of the process.

Services are also offered on this platform.

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