TWB service provider for SuperBIO

TWB becomes an expert SuperBIO service provider in the domain “Proof-of-concept and scale-up”. SuperBIO engages with companies and other industrial stakeholders that want to build innovative value chains around their activities and that are interested in innovation services to bring the value chain closer to the market.

SMEs that are part of validated value chains can receive innovation services by expert SuperBIO service providers. Based on a gaps and needs assessment the service providers will draft offers for innovation services the SMEs would like to receive in order to bring the value chain closer to the market.
An SME can receive multiple innovation services through SuperBIO with a maximal total value of € 60 000. They need to co-finance 25% themselves.

TWB service providerIn the service “Proof-of-concept and scale-up”, TWB offers biotechnological proof-of-concept development and optimization of microorganisms (3 technological services).

TWB high throughput strain engineering facilities offer custom services including  plasmid libraries construction, high throughput microbial strain transformation, genome and strain engineering, site-directed mutagenesis, colony picking and high throughput genetic and phenotypic screening. TWB unique facilities enable high-throughput workflows combining  the whole development cycle.
In addition, TWB is able to perform rapid fermentation process optimization using multiplexed reactors.

The service “Proof-of-concept and scale-up” is provided by two other service providers each with their individual expertise and scale: PTPB and BBEPP.

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About SuperBIO:

TWB service providerTWB is one of the partner clusters of the European project H2020 SuperBIO, which is aimed at creating new value chains in bioeconomy.

TWB offers its expertise and its network of industrial partners to prepare application forms. TWB is also service provider.