SuperBIO Workshops

7 September 2016

TWB is partner of the European project “SuperBIO” that aims to create new, cross-border and cross-sectorial industrial value chains in bioeconomy. SuperBIO is a support facility for the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of value chains, involving start-ups and SMEs. Ten innovation servives are offered to SMEs by SuperBIO experts (from proof-of-concept… Read more »

“Synthetic Biology: from ideas to market” – Dec. 6, 2016

21 July 2016

TWB, with IAR, is a partner of the international symposium “Synthetic Biology: from ideas to market”, organized by Genopole, December 6, 2016, in Paris (France). As a major scientific advance of the past decade, synthetic biology offers a wide range of industrial applications and new production techniques. Synthetic biology was ranked second among the “top… Read more »

TWB & PILI partners for the production of dyes

18 July 2016

PILI, company specialised in the production of renewable and ecological dyes, has started a collaboration with TWB and chosen to move into TWB’s premises in order to benefit from its structures, equipment, and skills. The aim is to reach the pilot scale of the industrial manufacturing process for a first dye. PILI plans to market… Read more »

Inauguration of TWB: a winning model

8 June 2016

TWB inaugurated its new premises and equipment on 7 June. The exponential growth of TWB since its creation in 2012 has led to its move to new premises for the hosting of numerous projects (57 between 2012 and 2015) and recently acquired advanced equipment. Thanks to its original business model of open innovation applied to… Read more »

TWB & DEINOVE optimize Deinococcus production

10 May 2016

DEINOVE and TWB undertake a collaborative R&D project to optimize the metabolic fluxes of Deinococcus. This partnership aims to strengthen DEINOVE’s unique expertise of Deinococcus metabolism and optimize the production of targeted compounds of interest. The project, conducted in collaboration with the MetaToul platform (LISBP, INSA Toulouse – MetaboHUB national infrastructure) headed by Prof. Jean-Charles… Read more »

EnobraQ raises funds

19 April 2016

EnobraQ, start-up from a TWB research project, that develops CO2-based industrial fermentation processes, announces it has secured a 2.9 M€ seed financing round. Sofinnova Partners, original investor, is joined by Auriga Partners, IRDInov and CEA Investissement. Proceeds will be allocated towards EnobraQ’s research and development plan targeting an advanced proof of concept before the end… Read more »

The 2015 activity report is published

2 March 2016

TWB published its 2015 activity report. The results confirm the attractiveness and the effectiveness of the mode of operation of TWB and of its associated research teams. Welcome of 10 new partners, entry into service of a unique microbial culture robotic platform, move into new premises doubling the reception capacity, quality certification ISO9001 and creation… Read more »

7 new industrial partners for TWB

10 February 2016

For the meeting of the Strategic Steering Committee on February 3 & 4, 2016, TWB welcomed the 7 new industrial partners of its consortium. These members noticed that TWB moved into a new phase of achievements when presenting the 2015 results. Seven new industrial partners joined the TWB consortium as of 1st January 2016, bringing to… Read more »

AIMBE: induction of Pierre Monsan to its College of Fellows

25 January 2016

The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) has announced the pending induction of Pierre Monsan, Ph.D., Founding Director of TWB, to its College of Fellows. Dr. Monsan was nominated, reviewed, and elected by peers and members of the College of Fellows for outstanding scientific and industrial contributions to the field of enzymatic carbohydrate… Read more »

TWB & AMOEBA: a major technological advance

19 January 2016

Within the framework of a R&D contract between TWB and AMOEBA, TWB teams have been able to optimize amoeba production, by knocking down major technological barriers: transposing the process from an adhesion culture to a continuous suspension culture, multiplying by 10 the final amoeba concentration, developing a stable and economically viable culture medium. TWB and… Read more »